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Kimberly V., Venue Manager

Armory on the Hudson
216 Fort Washington | New York, NY 10032

Available Event Spaces
  • Main_armory_theatre from $800

    Max Guests: 80 SELECT
  • Main_armory_millroseroom from $700
    Millrose Games Board Room

    Max Guests: 75 SELECT
  • Main_armory_halloffame_marathonhall from $800
    Marathon Hall

    Max Guests: 125 SELECT
  • Main_armory from $1,800

    Max Guests: 500 SELECT
  • Main_armory_historygallery from $800
    History Gallery

    Max Guests: 125 SELECT
  • Main_armory_halloffame_championsgallery from $1,500
    1st Floor Hall of Fame

    Max Guests: 325 SELECT
  • Main_armory_halloffame_marathonhall from $1,800
    1st & 2nd Floors - Hal...

    Max Guests: 450 SELECT


The Armory on the Hudson is a majestic four story building which has been totally modernized and includes a variety of spectacular event space possibilities. The soaring 65,000 sq ft indoor arena provides the perfect setting for any number of large events. In addition to the center hall, The Armory on the Hudson offers additional large and interesting spaces including a Hall of Fame Museum, and intimate 80-seat fully-equipped theatre and a completely restored Millrose Games Board Room.

These spaces are available for special event rentals including cocktail parties, formal dinner functions, business conferences, music concerts, film shoots as well as sporting events.