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Sarah B., Venue Manager

Yankee Stadium
1 E 161st St | Bronx, NY 10452

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With 23 unique event spaces, Yankee Stadium can accommodate groups of all sizes year round. Host an event and make our history part of yours.

To call it a baseball stadium is acknowledging only a small part of its story. Yankee Stadium is a cultural titan whose legacy is as rich as its character and whose history is as striking as its fa├žade. The weight of its history is spine tingling. It is here that Babe Ruth trotted the bases after smashing his sixtieth home run and here that Notre Dame famously won one for the Gipper. Long an icon for sports milestones and major cultural events, now Yankee Stadium offers you a stake in its story, opening its doors to gatherings for newlyweds, business partners, friends and family. The building has been redefined to include event spaces of all sizes and utilities, accommodating any affair you desire. Its amenities include state-of-the-art technology in vast and customizable spaces, along with premium culinary services. Share in the tradition of Yankee greatness by hosting an event of any magnitude at Yankee Stadium. From extravagant parties to intimate get-togethers, you can enjoy its modern luxury amid a backdrop of history.